Episode 55

E55 Bruce chats with Coaches Tiffany Flaming, Micky ScotBey Jones, and Andrea Sawyer-Kirksey

Published on: 4th March, 2023

Today on Episode 55, as part of a collaboration between my Patreon and three amazing human beings who also happen to be coaches, I'm introducing you to Tiffany Fleming, who is a CliftonStrengths coach; Mickey ScotBey Jones, who is an Enneagram coach; and Andrea Sawyer-Kirksey who is a leadership and life coach. 

If you have ever wanted to try coaching or learn about the Enneagram, CliftonStrengths, or Leadership, here is your chance with this exclusive offer for current and new Patrons. I have partnered with these three coaches who, exclusively offered through my Patreon and Mailing List, have each offered intro sessions for up to five different individuals.

In this episode, I'll ask them to tell us a little bit about their philosophy of coaching, share what you can expect from a coaching session with them, and, bonus content, you will learn a little bit about how we vacation.

To secure access to one of these 15 slots, current Patrons need only increase their monthly pledge by $2/month, and new Patrons will gain access with a pledge at the $4 level or more.

If you are interested in reserving a session with one of these coaches, after you increase or begin your pledge, you can let me know who you would like to connect with and/or I will be in touch. Keep in mind each has only offered five sessions.

For current Patrons, to increase your pledge, click on the Membership Tab. For new Patrons, visit my Patron Page and select a reward level of $4 or more.


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